Naib Idris stud
The Mecca of Akhal-teke breeding


Сегодня на Пятигорском ипподроме в скачке на приз Элиты жеребец Ахбазан вновь пришел к финишу первым! ...
In breeding season of 2011, except own stallions, we plan to use two magnificent sons of Murgab, line Posman:...
Foaling has begun! In January, 2011 were born 7 first foals of this year out of Saburbek, Maulit, Gadjar,...

The place of initial placing of stud has been predetermined by a sign from above. The direct proof of this is the natural image of a horse head on a rock in this area.
  Here, as pilgrims to Mecca, the fans of Akhal-teke horses are going from the whole world to get outstanding beautiful Akhal-teke horse.

The studfarm has received its name in the memory of those ancient times when Imam Shamil, wishing to unite the isolated peoples of East Caucasus on soil of Islam and to put them under authority of clergy, has divided the country onto naibs, where the leaders had all the military and administrative power. One of twelve of Shamil naibs, the youngest one, was naib Idris (the hero of Kavskazsky war, fallen at a siege of the well-known aul Salty) - the ancestor of the owner of studfarm, Abdurahman Osmanovich Osmanov.

The studfarm is 22 years now. Studfarms history has begun in 1988 in Republic of Dagestan. It started as a farm in the beginning, and from 2001, as a studfarm. The main base of the studfarm is located in the Stavropol region of Russia now.
  Studfarm has a full complex: 3 stables for stallions, mares and youngstock, indoor arena, paddocks, outdoor arena for training, flat turf.

At the end of 2008 the Naib Idris stud has been honoured by the status of Russian studfarm by the order of the Minister of Agriculture of Russia.

Every breeder is always proud of his own successes, the horses born and grown at his stud. In the stud of Abdurahman Osmanov is collected really the most valuable livestock of Akhal-teke horses, collected from the best studs worldwide, and also born and grown at «home».


Owner of                
Naib Idris stud    
— A.O. Osmanov